I managed to get to the end of week 6, but on the last run I ended up with a severe case of shin splints that I made worse by trying to start week 7. I waited two weeks and tried again on Monday. Ended up with the same problem by the end of the run and decided to give it a break for a little while. There are other ways to do cardio and I’ve been rather happy with the weight loss so far (12.5 pounds!). There’s still a long way to go. Can’t stop now!

Went out to a bar with Jeremy, Jess, and Eddie last night and ended up super drunk. It’s been a long time since I’ve had to spend that much of my night wrapped around a toilet. Currently waiting to feel good enough / hear from Jeremy so I can go to his house and get my car and phone. Thankfully I didn’t take it with me out of the car when we had to stop for me to puke on the way home. Embarrassing, I know, but these things happen. Each time I learn a lesson and the length of time between the next episode increases. Slowly learning my limits!

Week 5: Done

I did it! Friday was the first day with no segments and I managed to complete the full 20 minutes. I guess this means I really have no excuse if I can’t do the full 25 next Friday. The weight loss has been slow and steady the way it should be (although I would prefer quick, but I can only ask for so much).

I’m slowly cutting down on calories and watching what I eat. If I have a beer, it’s only one unless we have the really low calorie kind. Then it might be two. I was never really a beer person.

I’m going to watch my football today and get ready to do this all again next week!

Week 4: DONE!

I meant to post this on Friday, but kind of forgot. I finally finished the fourth week! 16 minutes of segmented jogging seemed like a lot, but since I’m facing 25 minutes of straight jogging on this upcoming Friday, I’m a little worried. I hope I can get through the first two days without too much trouble and take as much time as I need to get through the last day.

This is a holiday so I don’t have work, and my brother is at school, so I think today calls for some Skyrim!

Week 4: Getting there…

I still haven’t managed to finish the 4th week yet. It’s a little disappointing, but I thought that gong from 9 minutes of segmented jogging to 16 minutes was too large of a jump for my body to handle. I’ve been trying 12 minutes and I hope that next week I can finally finish this section. The next week will probably take several weeks to get through as well. I just hope I can manage to not gain the 5 pounds I’ve lost back.

Maybe I’ll have better news the next time I post a blog entry!

Look who we found wandering through the tailgate yesterday! (Taken with Instagram)

Look who we found wandering through the tailgate yesterday! (Taken with Instagram)

Week 3: DONE

I am so happy to be able to say that I finished the third week without cheating (walking when I should be jogging). I don’t really feel like anything is getting easier, but I shouldn’t expect that until I start jogging the full time consistently. Right now the program has me slowly increasing the length of the jogging intervals. Next week hits the 5 minute jogging mark. That will probably be the toughest thing I’ve encountered yet.

On another note, I haven’t really changed my diet yet and I’ve managed to lose 2 or 3 pounds. About 1 pound a week is the healthiest way to do weight loss, or so I’ve heard, so that makes me pretty happy. I hope the trend continues!

Until next week!

Week 2: DONE

Just finished my last run for the week. My Mom keeps asking me if I feel like the jogging part is getting easier. I feel like this is a trick question. Each week I have to run for longer periods of time so I don’t think I will feel like the jogging is getting easier until I am consistently jogging for the whole 30 minutes. I have a few more weeks before that happens.

I do happen to be rather proud of myself. Two weeks may not seem like much for most people, but since I have always struggled with exercise programs (I tend to start cheating and not putting as much effort into things as I should, and always end up giving up), I am very happy to say I have NOT cheated and I don’t plan on giving up any time soon.

Only 7 more weeks to go, and then I have to either start a different program (maybe the 5k to 10k program?) or supplement my jogging with some other exercise routines. I’m not sure yet what I will do, and I’m not going to until the beginning of week 8 or something like that.

Now I’m going to enjoy my weekend - Rennfest with Jeremy, Ashley, and Kevin. Most importantly: FOOTBALL.

It’s history. The question you have to ask about any version of history is, Who benefits from that version? Over the course of a thousand years - or two thousand - the interests of the powerful change often, and thus, so do the stories that hold up their thrones. — Greg Keyes, “The Blood Knight”

Week 1: DONE

I decided a few weeks before leaving for the beach that I would begin some sort of exercise program as soon as I got home. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do until I was sitting on the beach one of the few days we actually got sun in between the rain (side note: there was rain on all 7 days). I absolutely hate all forms of exercise, which is why I’m so out of shape, but I especially hate running/jogging. HATE. I can’t stress that word enough. To be honest, hate doesn’t even do my feelings on the subject justice.

If I can conquer my hatred of running/jogging, then I can do ANYTHING.

So that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to jog. Then I’m going to progress to running and build up my endurance. Maybe I’ll even sign up for a 5K. Maybe. I have to get through a few weeks first. I’m doing the active.com couch to 5K program and I finished the first week tonight. My goal is to write about my experience and how I’m feeling at the end of each of the 9 weeks. Maybe this will keep me motivated and I’ll actually finish.

I can only hope.

Really missing the beach right now. Aside from the rain every single day, this past week will go down in the books as one of my favorites.

Really missing the beach right now. Aside from the rain every single day, this past week will go down in the books as one of my favorites.